Produced at our main base in Dorset using our own mobile mill lorries we can supply high-quality coarse blends or meals.

We have a standard range of both Organic and Conventional Blends including:

  • Beef (Creep, Rearer, Finisher & Intensive Finisher)
  • Dairy
  • Sheep (Ewe & Lamb, Store & Finisher)
  • Pig
  • Poultry

In addition, we can make bespoke blends to your exact specification.

Only high-quality raw materials are used in our blends fillers or waste products with a completely open feed declaration so for once, you will know exactly what feed you are getting!

All of our blends are made to order and are available for collection or delivery in bulk, 1000kg tote bags or 25kg bags (restricted order quantity applies to 25kg bags) with minimum orders of 1T.

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