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B&W Feeds is one of the largest independent suppliers of poultry feed and organic feed in the UK.

Beef, Sheep and Dairy Feed

Produced at our headquarters in Dorset we use our own mobile mill lorries to supply high-quality beef, dairy and sheep feed, coarse blends, or meals or you can collect.

We offer a full range of ruminant diets, for a range of species and production systems.

We have a range of both Organic and Conventional Blends.

Why we designed the blends as we have:

  • Raw materials sourced as locally as possible (conventional cereals from own estate)
  • Only high quality raw materials used
  • No fillers
  • All blends fully supplemented with comprehensive mineral and vitamin package
  • Blends are formulated to meet nutritional requirements of animals for that particular stage of production. For example; Calf Creep Blend is high protein (18%) for growth and development of frame, while Beef Finisher Blend is higher in ME (>13MJ/KgDM) and Starch (>45%) to drive liveweight gain.
  • All Ruminant Blends contain good level of Sugarbeet Pellets. These are high in digestible fibre and help to safeguard against any risk of acidosis. Cereals are rolled coarsely to again minimise acidosis problems.
  • Organic Ruminant Blends contain Organic Lucerne Pellets for same reasoning as above
  • Ruminant blends contain protein sources that provide a balanced supply of both Digestible undegradable protein (DUP) and Effective rumen degradable protein (ERDP)
  • Beef Finisher Blend is soya free, thus suitable for certain processors/retailers requirements/contracts
  • Pig and Poultry Blends can be rolled coarsely or ground finely depending on customer requirements/preference.
  • Try and make blends as flexible as possible minimising need to purchase a number of different blends; for example:
    • Ewe/Lamb Blend can be fed to both ewes pre and post lambing as well as to lambs as a creep feed.
    • Pig Blend can be fed to both growing and finishing pigs
  • Offer a range of delivery/collection methods; Bulk (Tipped/Blown), 1T Tote Bags, 25kg bags

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Conventional Sheep Feed

Introducing our premium Conventional Sheep Feed, a specially crafted nutrition solution designed to meet the unique dietary needs of sheep at various stages of their lives. From lambs to mature sheep, our feed is formulated to provide the ideal balance of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals necessary for their growth, health, and overall well-being.

Our conventional sheep feed is produced in-house by our expert team, or on your farm if using mill and mix. We offer a standard pre-blended mix or we can design a mix specifically for your farm’s nutritional needs.

Organic Sheep Feed

Our organic sheep feed is produced in-house by our expert team, it is formulated to meet the specific nutritional needs of sheep raised in organic systems. We offer a standard pre-blended mix or we can design a mix specifically for your farm’s nutritional needs.

Our Organic Sheep Feed is carefully formulated to cater to the specific nutritional requirements of sheep. It contains a well-balanced blend of proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, and essential fats, ensuring optimal growth, energy utilization, and healthy weight maintenance. By using organic feed, farmers ensure that their sheep consume a diet that aligns with organic principles, contributing to sustainable and environmentally friendly meat production.

Conventional Cattle Feed

We offer a full range of conventional cattle feed rations, which can be specifically tailored to your requirements, herd and feed system. This includes specific formulations for dairy and beef cattle along with dry cow feeds and calf feed.

Where possible all the components of our cattle feeds are sourced from local farms to reduce feed miles and ensure complete traceability. We are one of the only feed producers who can offer both conventional and organic feed which is milled in-house or directly on your farm.

Organic Cattle Feed

Provide your cattle with the best nutrition possible with our Organic Cattle Feed. Backed by our commitment to excellence, expertise, and dedication to animal nutrition, our feed ensures that your cattle receive the nourishment they need for optimal growth, health, and productivity. Witness the positive impact our feed has on your herd as they thrive, develop strong bodies, and maintain peak performance. Start feeding them with our high-quality Organic Cattle Feed and unlock their full potential.

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Ruminant Nutrition

Here at B&W we can make bespoke blends to your exact ruminant feed nutrition specifications.

Only high-quality raw materials are used in our blends fillers or waste products with a completely open feed declaration so for once, you will know exactly what feed you are getting!

All of our blends are made to order and are available for collection or delivery in bulk, 1000kg tote bags or 25kg bags (restricted order quantity applies to 25kg bags) with minimum orders of 1T.