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B&W Feeds is one of the largest independent suppliers of animal feed, organic animal feed and mobile mill and mix feeds in the UK.

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Mill and Mix Feeds Manufacturer

Farm Animal Feeds

We provide a mobile mill and mixing service which allows us to manufacture your livestock feed directly on your farm. We have bases in Dorset and Kent, enabling our mobile mill and mix lorries to cover the breadth of Southern England travelling as far north as Essex, Suffolk and Oxfordshire.  

Using our mill and mix services means you can fully utilise your on-farm resources such as cereals and pulses. We can then supply any additional feed elements such as supplements and oils to ensure your animals have the most appropriate ration for your feeding plan. 

We also provide nutrition support and expert advice if required. This can be a simple stand-alone diet or part of a more detailed feeding plan considering other key elements such as forage analysis. Our nutrition advisory service and rationa design service are completely free of charge to our mill and mix customers. We also have close working relationships with labs for forage analysis so our customers only have to worry about the lab fees and we will take care of the rest.

Please contact us for full details and ration examples. We also make rations that are formulated to your own personal requirements.

Mobile Feed Mill Lorry
Static feed mill operator

Why Should Your Farm Use B&W Mill and Mix Feeds?

  • Over 30 years of experience
  • Family-run business
  • Quality feed and quality service
  • Utilisation of your farm home-grown grains
  • know exactly what you are feeding your animals
  • benefit from our FREE ration advice service and have diets that meet the EXACT needs of your animals
  • full utilisation of your homegrown crops
  • protect yourself against the volatility of the raw material market
  • flexible discharge – into bins, onto floors, into bags or trailers...your choice!
  • complete traceability
  • fully accredited service – UFAS, NAAC and OF&G assured
  • reduce your feed miles and carbon footprint
Mill and Mix Feed Lorry

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Premium Manufacturers of Animal Feed

Over the past 10 years B&W have provided a flexible, efficient and bespoke service, allowing us to use our home grown grain and bought in protein sources to reduce our feed cost and carbon footprint, whilst providing consistent and cost effective blends to optimise milk production.

Paul Redmore, Neston Park Home Farm, Wiltshire

Premium Manufacturers of Animal Feed

We use B&W Feeds on a regular basis to mill rations on farm for dairy cows and youngstock. It means we can use feed grown on the farm mixed to our own specifications. It reduces road miles and we know exactly what the livestock diet is made up of. They provide a very valuable and efficient service.

Sophie Alexander, Hemsworth Farm

Grass Seeds, Supplements and Straights

We supply a full range of supplementary animal feed to complement our mill and mix service, or you may purchase them as standalone products.

Even if you grow some arable feed crops on your farm you may not have everything you need to create a complete ration, which is why we offer complimentary feeds and supplements which can be delivered to your farm ahead of time. So you have everything you need when our mobile mill lorries arrive.

Hands holding grain
Grain Store

Both conventional and organic products available:

  • Cereals & Pulses
  • Straights (e.g. Sugarbeet, Lucerne, Soya)
  • Protein Concentrates
  • Minerals
  • Yeast, Bicarb, Limestone
  • Grain/TMR Preservation
  • Bucket, Block & Liquid Supplements: Dallas Keith,Smartlix
  • Grass & Forage Seeds: HF Seeds, Your Countryside
  • New for 2022! Soya-Free Finisher for cattle

We can carry 25kg bags on the mill and mix machines or larger quantities of 25kg or 1,000kg bags/totes can be delivered out in advance.

We also supply most cereals, straights, & concentrates in bulk.

If you do not see what you are looking for, then please do give us a call and we will do our best to source it for you.

Farm Animal Nutrition

Farm Animal Nutrition

Customer case study:

Peter Gantlett, Woodhill Park Farm, Swindon

As well as our dairy herd of 150 cows we also grow wheat beans and oats, it is important to us to be able to use our home grown cereals for the cows and young calves. As well as reducing our carbon footprint, it gives us resilience in turbulent times.For 12 years B&W have provided an excellent service milling what we grow here to provide a highly palatable consistent feed for the cows milked by two lely robots, and the calves we wean as replacements or for sale.When we are short of ingredients, usually beans, they can always provide a competitive alternative, provide advice on formulating any mix.

Peter Gantlett, Woodhill Park Farm, Swindon
Mill operator inputs ration

Our blends for Mr Gantlett maximise the full use of cereals and pulses available on the farm.  However, if ever short we can supply the ingredients too.

Example of blends we help formulate and mix on farm for Mr Gantlett.

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