Mobile Milling Service

How does it work?

Ration Support

  • Ration support You will be offered the option of talking through your requirements with our in house nutritionist, Kathryn Thompson.  She is fully qualified to help you make the right decision about what feed is right for your animals. Our ration support service is complimentary for all mill and mix customers. 
  • We will come up with some ration suggestions based on the feed crops available on your farm/what you are buying and recommend other products if required.  You can, of course, opt for our straight rolling/grinding service.
  • The ration will be fully costed and you will also have a complete nutritional breakdown.
  • Confirm by phone or email to secure your mill and mix booking.  We will do our best to accommodate your requirements; however the more notice you give us the better!
  • Your mobile milling mix ration is written out onto an Operator Job Ticket.  This is a triplicate form – one copy stays in the office; the operator completes the other two on-farm.  The yellow copy is left with the farmer after mixing as a record of what has been done.  This ticket will have processing codes and any other relevant notes for the operator to ensure that we get the feed exactly as you like it.

  • Scheduled delivery time. We will give you a call on the day before processing and give you an estimated time of arrival.  Material such as soya or rape supplied by us may be sent directly to your farm in advance of processing.  Bagged products, such as minerals, and liquids (molasses and soya oil) are carried on board the mill and mix machine as required.

On your farm

  • We require a clean, level, hard and safe work area.  Our operator will meet you and confirm the ration and will start to process.  It is important that there is sufficient labour to facilitate an intake of up to 30 tonnes per hour.  You will also need to ensure your cereals, pulses and any other feed material are free from contaminants such as stones and metal.

  • Bulk materials are pneumatically sucked into the mill and mix machine.  There is a maximum 40ft suction distance.  The closer the material is to the machine, the quicker the mixing.  Please note that the machine cannot be moved when loaded or in operation.  The bulk materials should either be in a heap or tipped from a grain trailer.
  • The operator inputs the ration required and is then guided by the computer. The machine has an onboard digital display so that you can see the quantity of feed in the mixing tank at any one time.  The mixing tank sits on calibrated weigh cells so you can be assured an accurate mix. Some machines have Vario Mixers.  This enables the mixing tank to be pneumatically elevated on-site giving a maximum capacity of 8 tonnes in one batch.

  • There is a hand additions port to the rear of the machine.  This enables bagged product such as minerals to be incorporated into the mix. All machines carry molasses and soya oil to be added upon request.
  • Every mix is different and made to the exact specification of the customer.  The Operator will check the grist during processing to ensure that it is being processed in accordance with what the customer wants.

  • Accuracy is the key to a successful mill and mixing.  You want to be sure that you get what you ask for, mixed accurately.  The digital display provides that reassurance!

  • Once the feed has been thoroughly mixed, it can be discharged by auger, pneumatically into a bin or into tote bags.