Mega Grain Liquid Preservative is a powerful remedy designed to combat the challenges of high moisture content in cereals

Kathryn Thompson :: Wednesday 30th August 2023 :: Latest Blog Posts

Introducing Mega Grain Liquid Preservative for Superior Feed Quality

Have you ever felt the worry of the rainy season looming over your grain crops and feed quality? Those moments of uncertainty can keep any farmer up at night. But fear not, because a game-changing solution has arrived. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative is a powerful remedy designed to combat the challenges of high moisture content in cereals. Step into a world where feed quality reigns supreme and farm performance reaches new heights. We will share the remarkable benefits of Mega Grain, showing you how this innovative solution can redefine your approach to feeding and farming. Uncover a new era of excellence in feed quality and farm prosperity.

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Improved Herd Health & Performance

When it comes to farming, the wellbeing of your livestock is a top priority. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative not only preserves your cereals but also safeguards the health and performance of your animals. Harmful moulds, yeast and bacteria thrive in high-moisture environments, seriously threatening livestock health. Treating your cereals with Mega Grain creates an environment that inhibits the growth of these harmful pathogens. As a result, your animals benefit from cleaner, safer feed, leading to healthier immune systems and improved performance.

Healthy animals are more likely to exhibit positive growth patterns, increased reproductive success and reduced disease susceptibility. With Mega Grain, you're not just preserving grains; you're nurturing the foundation of a thriving herd.

Higher Feed Quality & Intake

Imagine offering your livestock feed that's nutritious and incredibly appetising. This is precisely what Mega Grain-treated feed brings to the table. Unlike dry rolled cereals that can be dusty and unappealing, feed treated with Mega Grain is less dusty, making it more pleasant for your animals to consume. This dust reduction improves the air quality in your barns, creating a healthier environment for both livestock and workers.

Moreover, the enhanced palatability of Mega Grain-treated feed results in increased feed intake. Animals are naturally drawn to food that appeals to their senses, leading to greater consumption. This, in turn, supports weight gain, and improves energy levels and overall animal well-being.

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Cost Savings on Drying

Rainy summers often bring with them the headache of drying costs. Wet grains require energy-intensive drying processes to achieve the optimal moisture content for safe storage. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative offers a practical solution to this problem. By preserving your grains at the recommended moisture level of 16-20%, you eliminate the need for expensive drying procedures.

The cost savings achieved by Mega Grain can be redirected towards other critical aspects of your farm operations. Whether investing in equipment, enhancing animal care facilities or exploring new avenues of growth, Mega Grain empowers you to optimise your resource allocation and achieve better financial outcomes.

Safe & Easy to Use

Farmers appreciate solutions that simplify their daily operations. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative has been designed with ease of use in mind. It is safe to apply, handle and store, reducing the potential risks of some agricultural chemicals. Additionally, its user-friendly nature translates to less time spent on application and more time focusing on other essential farm tasks.

One remarkable feature of Mega Grain is that feed can be given to your livestock immediately after treatment. This eliminates waiting periods and ensures a seamless transition from preservation to consumption, contributing to the overall efficiency of your feeding routines.

Versatility at Its Best

The modern farm landscape is diverse, and livestock needs vary widely. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative acknowledges this diversity by offering its benefits across various applications. Whether you're dealing with grains, pulses, Total Mixed Ration or silage, Mega Grain caters to all these feed types. This versatility streamlines your feed management, allowing you to provide the best nutrition for your animals, regardless of their age or specific dietary requirements.

Moreover, Mega Grain is approved for conventional and organic farming systems. This approval underscores its compatibility with various farming practices, highlighting its adaptability to your unique circumstances.

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Application Made Easy

Every farm has distinct requirements, and Mega Grain Liquid Preservative understands this. The product offers multiple application methods to suit your preferences and equipment:

  • Application Services: B&W Feeds provides the option of a mobile auger and applicator for whole grain or a roll-and-treat service with mill and mix lorries. These services are designed to simplify your application process and ensure a consistent outcome.
  • Applicator Pump: An applicator pump can be purchased for those who want to integrate Mega Grain with their existing equipment. This pump facilitates straightforward application, minimising the need for additional machinery.
  • Mega Grain Liquid: If you prefer a DIY approach, Mega Grain Liquid is available for purchase. Delivered in Intermediate Bulk Containers, this option allows you to utilise your current equipment for the application, making it a cost-effective solution.

Application Rates for 18% Moisture Grain

It's essential to understand the application rates for Mega Grain to achieve optimal results. For 18% moisture grain, the rates are as follows:

  • Whole Grain: 6 months shelf life - 5 litres/T | 12 months shelf life - 7 litres/T
  • Rolled Grain: 6 months shelf life - 6 litres/T | 12 months shelf life - 8.4 litres/T

Competitive Pricing & Contact Information

Managing costs is crucial. Mega Grain Liquid Preservative offers a compelling value proposition compared to the escalating expenses associated with drying methods. For accurate pricing information and a competitive quote tailored to your farm's needs, reaching out to our knowledgeable team is a simple step. We're here to provide the information you need to make an informed decision about integrating Mega Grain into your feeding strategy.

Mega Grain Liquid Preservative isn't just a product: it's a transformative solution that addresses the challenges posed by high moisture content in cereals by improving herd health, enhancing feed quality, reducing costs and streamlining application. Mega Grain has the potential to transform your farming methods significantly.

Make the switch to Mega Grain Liquid Preservative and experience the transformation in your feed quality and farm performance. Contact our dedicated team for competitive pricing and more information on how Mega Grain can be tailored to your farm's needs.

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