As we continue to farm through the agricultural transition period, there are increasingly complex demands on farmers and agricultural land use. Balancing productivity and environmental concerns can be tough for many farmers, and for livestock farmers, one

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The Mill and Mix Difference: Custom Animal Feed Solutions for Your Farm

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As we continue to farm through the agricultural transition period, there are increasingly complex demands on farmers and agricultural land use. Balancing productivity and environmental concerns can be tough for many farmers, and for livestock farmers, one significant area of pressure is animal feed. 

Choosing the right feed for your livestock not only promotes health and growth in animals but can also significantly enhance farm profitability. However, your choice of feed can also be impacted by the environmental concerns around some feed types and their production processes. Striking a balance between these considerations will become ever more important in the coming years. This is where B&W Feeds' Mill and Mix service shines, offering a customised approach to animal feed that benefits the farmer, the livestock and the environment. 

Where Do We Cover, and What is Mill and Mix? 

We have bases in Dorset and Kent, enabling our mobile Mill and Mix lorries to cover the breadth of Southern England travelling as far as Essex, Suffolk and Oxfordshire.  To see if we cover your area, check out our interactive map. 

Using our mill and mix services means you can fully utilise your on-farm resources such as cereals and pulses. We can then supply any additional feed elements such as supplements and oils to ensure your animals have the most appropriate ration for your feeding plan.

Why Use Our Mill and Mix Service for Your Animal Feed?

In the agricultural business, experience counts. Here's why B&W Feeds' Mill and Mix service stands out as the preferred choice for your farm's feed solutions. 

Over Three Decades of Expertise

With over 30 years of experience, we've perfected the art of feed milling and mixing. Our deep understanding of farming needs and nutritional requirements translates into superior services for you and your livestock. As a family-run business, our core values include trust, integrity and a personal touch to all we do. These values ensure we treat every farm we work with as an extension of our own business.

Unmatched Quality in Feed and Service

Our promise is a dual commitment to quality – quality feed and quality service. We use only the best ingredients and the latest milling technology to provide your animals with the nutrition they need. How you receive and store your feed is your choice. Our flexible discharge options include bins, floors, bags or trailers. We adapt to your farm's logistics for the utmost convenience.

Accredited for Your Assurance 

We're not just experienced; we're certified. Our fully accredited service from the UFAS (Universal Feed Assurance Scheme), NAAC (National Association of Agricultural Contractors), and OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers) - means you're in safe hands. This assures you of the highest standards in feed production and service.

The Tailored Approach to Animal Feed

Why Custom Blends?

Every farm is unique, with its own set of challenges and requirements. The 'one size fits all' approach to animal feed often falls short in addressing specific dietary needs. Our Mill and Mix service empowers farmers to create bespoke feed blends that are tailor-made for the livestock's and farm's individual needs. 

Traceability and Transparency: From Farm to Trough

With concerns over feed quality and safety growing, knowing exactly what your livestock is consuming is more important than ever. B&W's Mill and Mix service provides complete traceability, allowing you confidence in the feeds made on your farm. We provide full traceability records for our pre-made feeds, which is a step above many compound feed providers. But using our Mill and Mix service allows you to go one step further by growing your own feedstuffs on-site and, should you wish to, physically watch the feed being made ready for your use. This level of transparency is unparalleled and offers you complete peace of mind. 

This will be of particular importance if you are an organic farm where we can reassure you we have all the appropriate qualifications and registration to provide organic feeds as well as conventional feeds. 

Reducing Feed Miles; Supporting the Environment

By using our Mill and Mix service, you drastically cut down on feed miles. This not only supports your farm's carbon footprint but also contributes positively to wider environmental efforts. Reducing feed miles can also be of benefit when gaining new supply contracts as supermarkets are increasingly looking at the mileage and carbon footprint of their whole supply chain. 

Shielding Your Farm from Market Swings 

The volatility of the global market, especially for feedstuffs like imported soya, is a known risk, especially since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine which significantly impacted many agricultural supply chains. Our service helps insulate your operation from these uncertainties, providing a stable, self-reliant feed source right from your farm.

Personalisation at Its Best 

Our service is more than just mixing grains; it's about understanding and meeting your farm's unique requirements. Whether it's adjusting the nutrient profile to suit a specific breed or enhancing the feed to counteract local soil deficiencies, the personalisation we offer is unparalleled.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

We believe in empowering our farmers with knowledge. As referenced in our previous blogs, understanding the components of your feed is crucial. Our team of nutritionists is always ready to provide the support you need, ensuring that your blend is perfect for your livestock.

The Freedom to Adapt and Optimise 

One of the greatest advantages of our Mill and Mix service is the freedom it gives you. Want to tweak your feed to improve milk yield? Or perhaps adjust the mix to better suit your free-range hens? With our service, these adaptations are not only possible, but encouraged.

Many of our Mill and Mix clients make regular adjustments to their specific feed blend to ensure they are getting the best possible feed makeup for their livestock at that specific time.

The B&W Commitment: Support When You Need It 

When you choose B&W, you're not just getting a service; you're gaining a partner. Our team is here to support you at every turn, ensuring that your feed solutions are effective, efficient and, most importantly, right for your livestock.

The Mill and Mix service offered by B&W is a comprehensive solution tailored for modern farmers who demand control, quality and sustainability. It's a step forward in the direction of self-reliant, efficient and environmentally conscious farming. Join us in making a difference to your farm and your animals, one blend at a time.