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Poultry Feed: Have you considered home-mixing?

Ever asked yourself if you really know what is included in your poultry feed and if you are paying too much for it? Home-mixing could be the answer.
By taking complete control over the ingredients included in the feed, which can be as little as just five, you can achieve a high-quality feed with full traceability. This control over the ration also allows you to adapt and change the diet easily to meet the birds exact requirements at different stages. If home-grown cereals and pulses are available they can be included into the ration shortening the farm to fork chain. Even if straights need to be brought in there is still substantial cost savings to be made. Most significantly given the current climate home-mixing can help protect you from the volatility of the feed market.

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Example Layer Diet – just takes 5/6 raw materials

Raw Material






Hipro Soya


Limestone Granules


Soya Oil


Layer Premix




The choice of raw materials is not limited though...again it is up to you to decide what is available and what you want in your feed.

There are two main options for home mixing either through investing in a static plant or using a contracted mobile mill & mix service.

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Static Feed Plants

B&W Feeds are the sole UK distributor of Buschhoff mill & mix equipment. Buschhoff was established in 1873 and still operates as a family-owned business producing the latest in milling technology sold throughout the world. Static feed plant systems can be tailored made to your requirements i.e. from 100T to 100,000T/yr production. Static plants are fully automated for minimal labour input and can be adapted to grow with your business. B&W provide a complete service from design and planning through to installation and after-sales support.

Find out more about our static mills here.

Mobile Mill & Mixing

B&W Feeds currently run a fleet of the most modern and technologically advanced mill lorries in the UK. With depots in Dorset and Kent, they provide full coverage of the South of England. Depending on the setup on farm these lorries can process at a speed of 20T/hr milling or 10T/hr mixing. Therefore home-mixing needn't be the time or labour-consuming activity it often was in the past.

B&W is registered with both UFAS and the NAAC-assured land-based contractors' scheme; thus providing all of the quality assurance and accuracy of any compound mill. Biosecurity is of top priority with strict procedures in place at all times.  In addition, they are VMD registered which, under strict protocols, permits the addition of prescribed medicines into the feed should it become necessary.
B&W operate an open transparent approach to their costings. They can offer a full comprehensive service supplying nutrition support, sourcing of raw materials and premixes etc., or if the customer prefers they can simply provide the mill and mix service with no hidden additional charges or costs.

Find out more about our mobile milling here. 

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On-farm mixing is so simple, yet many poultry farmers are amazed by the results they get. Better quality feed and cheaper!