Static Animal Feed Mills

Static Animal Feed Mills

B&W Feeds is the exclusive supplier of Buschhoff static feed mills in the UK

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Buschhoff Grain Mills – Feed for Livestock

We offer suitable Animal Feed Mills for every purpose

B & W Feeds (Mobile) Ltd is the sole UK importer & distributor of the Buschhoff range of Static Grain Mills and Mixing equipment

B & W Feeds and Buschhoff are expert partners for long term on-farm livestock feeding success.

Animal feed solutions available including Intake, Storage, Processing, Dosing and Mixing right through to Discharge, Bulk, Bag or Pelleting.

Full back up and support provided by both UK and German technicians.

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Buschhoff static feed mill
Farmer Bulk Animal Feed

Why Buschhoff Animal Feed Mills?

  •  Reliable Full automation of feed preparation, minimising labour input
  • Excellent return on investment with robust long working life equipment
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Single level design for easy installation, maintenance and efficient use of space
  • Individual processing selection for components optimising Feed structure
  • Range of capacities from 1t/hr to 20t+/hr to suit all feed requirements
  • 2 Feed preparation systems

On farm feed milling & mixing - Tailor-made to the specific to your customer needs and demands.

Feed mills from 1 - 20 tons per hour for pig, poultry, cattle, sheep and more. Moreover, you get smaller production plants for premixes and mineral feed.

We offer a suitable plant for each purpose. Milling & mixing plants with the BHS blower mill are installed especially where low- to medium-level feed volumes are processed. As the blower mill is capable of sucking in the grain from storage bins, it can be installed even where local conditions are problematic.

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Automatic Pig Feed Mill

Feed Mill: 5 t/h for Pigs

Build year: 2018


  •  Perfomance: ca.5 t/h
  • 3 component silos
  • BHOS S-Line mill (45 kW)
  • GM-Mixer 6 t
  • Mineral Dosing
  • WIDOMIX PRO computer system

Automatic Poultry Feed Mill

Feed Mill: 10 t/h for Poultry

Build year: 2018


  •  Performance: ca.10 t/h
  • 9 component silos: 3 x 2.000 t, 3 x 200 t & 3 x 80 t
  • BHOS S-Line mill 2 x 45 kW
  • GM-Mixer 6 t
  • Mineral Dosing with 10 micro-components
  • Pneumatic feed transport SG80 to 10 feed silos (180 m)